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If your business has accrued unsecured business debt we would like to see if we can help you. We have helped many businesses out of debt and back on the right path to business growth and prosperity. We can help negotiate with your creditors and provide assistance in reducing any obligations.

Specialist business debt reduction and support are one of our main services and we are trusted by over 180,000+ customers across the country.

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How does it work?2021-01-02T18:18:15+00:00

There are quite a few methods that we use to reduce and eliminate debt. These include negotiation with your creditors, stopping calls, and letters. Other methods such as settlement and business counseling.

How much will it cost?2021-01-02T18:18:55+00:00

There are no upfront fees for our services and our savings estimate is free. If you feel we would be a good choice for you, we charge a flat fee based on the total debt amount. All fees will be open and transparent and explained to you.

Should I just file for business bankruptcy?2021-01-02T18:19:23+00:00

Bankruptcy can be a good option for many businesses facing debt issues. We do advise against this as if you have had success with your business and going through a bad patch due to suppliers, staff costs and other related debts bankruptcy doesn’t need to be the answer. Get a free consultation to see if we can help before making the decision. 

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Trusted by over 180,000+ customers

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Small Business Debt Relief

There are many small business debt relief programs available for business owners. We aim to reduce pressure from your business so you can focus on what you do best – keeping it stable and making a profit!

This year has been a challenging year for many small businesses across the country. Most small businesses are being overwhelmed due to late payments, supplier issues, and government interventions. When it comes to business debt, it is very common to apply for business loans from banks and look into small business debt relief grants as a common way to tackle the issues.

While a small business debt consolidation loan often helps in the short term it just adds more debt to the company over time which accumulates and often becomes challenging to pay off. This combined with creditor calls, letters, and general pressure can lead business owners to breaking point.

We understand that many small businesses have suffered due to the recent pandemic and we are confident we can assist in reducing overall debt using a range of business debt relief programs such as business debt negotiation, settlement, and consolidation loans with a lower interest rate.

An Alternative Business Bankruptcy

While filing for business bankruptcy is often not the best option as you want to see your business succeed! along with the costs associated with carrying out bankruptcy, we feel we have an alternative small business debt relief program that could work for you.

We use a multi-channel approach to reducing and eradicating business debt. We have specialist in-house debt counselors with years of experience in business debt and know how to overcome it. We are also able to tap into a network of local legal assistance if required.

Before considering business bankruptcy please get in contact with us to see if we can assist you.

Business Debt Settlement

One of the other options we provide is business debt settlement services. Having worked in debt management for businesses for over 20 years we can often negotiate with creditors and come to a settlement that is much less than the original debt amount. We use a range of resources to achieve this including legal assistance with a good understanding of your business’s financial situation.

Debt settlement can sometimes be the answer in a lot of cases but we could also look at other methods like the “snowball” method or simply negotiate with your creditors for you.

Differences between business debt and consumer debt

There are some significant differences between business debt and consumer debt, but your business’s activities may qualify for relief through the debt settlement process. Debts fulfilling the criteria may include debts like credit facilities and credit lines or unsecured business loans. All unsecured debts might be eligible for debt settlement. You have many debt relief options if you are a small business owner.

Debt restructuring, negotiation, debt consolidation loans, and debt settlement are some such examples. We will guide you through the best options that we feel will best suit your business and how to implement them at the right time.

How we can help

Businesses face lots of uncertainty given the current climate and international issues. The help of a reputable debt relief company can help protect against closure, bankruptcy, and creditor calls. We have the experience, resources, and right people to help you recover and grow. Get in contact with us to see how we can help or give us a call for a no-obligation-free consultation.