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If your business has accrued unsecured business debt we would like to see if we can help you. We have helped many businesses out of debt and back on the right path to business growth and prosperity. We can help negotiate with your creditors and provide assistance in reducing any obligations.

Specialist business debt reduction and support are one of our main services and we are trusted by over 180,000+ customers across the country.

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What is a debt relief program?2020-12-16T21:59:52+00:00

Debt Relief programs often use several methods to help consolidate, settle, and manage debt to reduce overall debt and allow you to get back on the road to financial freedom.

How does the debt relief program work?2020-12-16T22:03:01+00:00

We use a range of methods to management and settle debt, this could be in the form of legal settlement, negotiation with your creditors and consolidation if the funds are available. We have many options and avenues to pursue.

How much does it cost?2020-12-16T22:34:14+00:00

We don’t charge any upfront fee’s. There are no monthly fee’s for our in-house Debt Relief Program. Instead we charge a flat fee based on the total amount of debt. Simple and honest pricing for our services is given before you come on board with us!

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  • Over 900+ Five Star client reviews on Customer Lobby

  • Access to our network of local attorneys to assist in settlements as needed

  • Experience of more than 20 years nationwide

  • Zero monthly fees for in house Debt Relief Program
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Trusted by over 180,000+ customers

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What is a debt relief program?

Debt Relief programs often use several methods to help consolidate, settle, and manage debt to reduce overall debt and allow you to get back on the road to financial freedom.

Are you looking to reduce your debt obligations using the services of debt management, debt consolidation, or a Tax & IRS service provider?

Debt relief combined with other solutions can be used as a tool to reduce debts of certain types such as credit cards, loans, medical bills, and other types of debt. Debt can be accumulated over time with many stressful and life events such as marital problems and divorce, heavy spending on credit cards, and general loss of income due to other circumstances.

We have heard many of our client’s unique situations and how they have accumulated debt and fallen on harder times. The first step is reaching out to get help and support through this period and often people turn to us for help. If you are getting creditor calls, letters, and demands and paying the minimum on balances we can certainly help to resolve this.

For tax debt issues, the situation is even more serious because of the expanded collection rights tax authorities such as the IRS or State have. Debts could be a result of mistakes from a prior tax preparer, under withholding, failure to submit payroll tax withholdings to the IRS, identity theft, tax audit, or other reasons.

Having debt issues is stressful. One starts to lose sleep and feels pressured. Normal activities don’t feel as enjoyable. If you have tax debt, it can be even more stressful and have you feeling even more pressured because taxing authorities have the power to garnish, levy, lien, and other worse things to ensure that they get paid.

The good news is that there are legal solutions to help resolve your financial issues.

For unsecured debts, there are various options such as debt consolidation, debt settlement, debt negotiation, and other debt-relief programs.

For tax debt issues, there are various IRS and State tax debt solutions such as correcting prior tax return preparation mistakes with tax return amendments, an Installment Agreements, Currently Non-Collectible, Offer In Compromise, filing returns for Substitute Filed Returns, Audit Defense, Partial Payment Installment Agreements, and more.

For debt relief, CuraDebt has been helping people and small businesses since 2000 nationwide. As a Top Rated company by numerous independent organizations and with hundreds of thousands of people counseled successfully over the years, you can trust that you are in the best hands for the resolution of your financial issues.

For tax debt relief, CuraDebt has a team with over 100 years combined experience solving tax debt issues with a focus on tax resolutions, audit defense, complex resolutions, offers in compromise, partial payment plans, and currently non-collectible resolutions. The lead of the tax department has extensive experience solving 7-figure tax issues for individuals and small businesses. The tax relief team is one of the most experienced in the industry with over 83 years total previously working at the IRS or state tax authorities.

For both unsecured debt relief and tax debt resolution, much like other professional services such as surgery, it is critical to do things right the first time, and by having the most experienced team, you are ensured to get the best possible results. Also, reviews from clients, ratings from reputable rating agencies, and the company being free from recent unresolved complaints are some additional important criteria.

Types of Debt We Can Help With

  • Credit Cards

  • Personal Loans and Lines of credit

  • Medical Bills

  • Collections and Repossessions

  • Business Debts

  • Certain Secured Debts*

  • IRS Debt and Back Taxes

  • Lawsuits*

  • Utility Bills

  • Auto, Student* or Government Loans

  • Mortgage or Home Loans

  • Other Secured Debts

*We can help with lawsuits and student loans in special cases. Call us to get more information.

Our Accreditations & Memberships

Working in partnership with CuraDebt – Our debt relief services are backed by many of the industry standard accreditations and memberships. CuraDebt are a trusted debt resolution provider.