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Below are some of the questions about our services and programs. Please feel free to drop us an email or a call if you have any further questions.



Bankruptcy is a legal proceeding to settle all of your debts by liquidating all of your assets. Assets are often used to pay creditors with a fixed monthly fee or lump sum depending on the assets available. This is known as chapter 7 bankruptcy. This form of bankruptcy often has severe consequences.

Bankruptcy will stay on your credit report for up to 10 years and adversely affect your credit score by as much as 200-400 points. You will also need to let new employers know that you have filed for bankruptcy in the past and it will more than likely stop you from opening new lines of credit.

Debt Relief is a way to resolve debts and debt obligations without paying with a loan or any other borrowed unsecured or secured loan. Our programs are developed to help you save money on paying debts and provide you with alternative options through a range of programs. We want to put you back in control of your debt and allow you to pay what you can afford while making sure the stress of debt is lifted. We work hard to get you the best saving on your debt using several negation methods.

If you are paying the minimum payments on your debt and feel like you are not getting ahead or getting calls from creditors then we can help. if you are in a situation where debt is overwhelming you then our debt relief programs might be for you.

If you have TAX issues and need urgent support then our tax debt relief programs could help to resolve this. Tax debt is slightly different than our consumer debt relief options but the way we approach tax debt is often the same. We have a wide range of tax debt relief programs that can quickly and efficiently reduce tax debt.

Curadebt has helped over 180,000+ Americans successfully clear and reduce their total debt over the last 20 years. Fees are only earned on results of the program and we don’t charge any upfront fees for our services. There is a range of options we can consider from consolidation, settlement, and counseling. The debt settlement program works by allocating funds to a personalized private account that accumulates monthly. Alternatively, you can deposit a lump sum to speed up the process and have a larger impact. 

Once there is a sufficient amount in the personalized account we then can start negations with creditors. This is where our expertise and legal assistance come into play. We negotiate the best reductions on your debt and ensure we get you the best possible deal. We do this with each account until each is settled and removed at a considerable discount to our clients. 

Being one of the oldest debt reduction service providers with over 20 years of experience we know exactly how to negotiate a successful settlement with creditors as we have done this 1000s of times.

Each creditor is different so the way we approach them for negotiation is also unique. The amount of the debt owed is obviously a factor as well as the debt age and your current credit status. 

We would be grateful if we could have a 5-minute conversation even just to put your mind at ease about our programs and how we work. Please feel free to get in contact with us for further information. 

Unsecured debt often refers to a line of credit that is not secured on any type of physical property. This often includes things like credit cards, store cards, medical bill debt, payday or short-term loans, collection debt, and some business debts.

Secured debts are often secured on a property of some type or tangible good. A good example of this is your home or car. Failing to make payments on these debts often ends up in home forclosure or debt companies actively taking the secured asset. Secured loans are extremely important to keep on top of as they are secured on your assets!

With debt relief, we can only often assist with unsecured debts as mentioned above as we have the power to negotiate with the creditors and there is less risk of any assets being seized to pay the debt.

We specialize in tax debt support and relief. We have helped many people with issues such as tax liens, garnishments, delinquent payroll, and other tax-related problems. We have in-house certified tax experts to assist with many tax-related debt issues. Please contact us so we can see how we can help you.

Having helped so many people over the years with their unique debt problems we feel that our strategy works for the majority of people. Our program is a proven alternative to bankruptcy. Bankruptcy has many negative connotations associated with it even when applying for a new job or new lines of credit in the future.

We keep our side of the agreement in helping to fight in your corner with all of the resources we have available, but you must also abide by your obligations set out in the agreement for the program to work.

Our mission is to help you save as much money as possible. Curadebt does not charge any upfront fees for our services. We get daily calls and emails asking questions and we are more than happy to help with these for free.

If you enroll in one of our programs the costs associated will depend on several factors such as the debt amount, current balances, and repayment amounts. We work on a flat fee service which is often around 20% of the total enrolled debt amount.

We would strongly advise against opening any new lines of credit while on the program. Our goal is to get you out of debt and back on the right path. Keeping your credit utilization low during this time would be the best advice we could give.

We cover most types of unsecured debts such as 

  • Credit Cards
  • Personal Loans and Lines of credit
  • Medical Bills
  • Private Student Loans 
  • Collections and Repossessions
  • Business Debts
  • Certain Secured Debts*
  • IRS Debt and Back Taxes

We are unable to assist with any secured debt such as mortgages, federal or government-backed loans. We can also not help with any ongoing lawsuits or utility bills. 

Curadebt does not report to credit agencies when you are enrolled in our debt management program. Your creditors may report depending on the situation you currently have with them.

Curadebt counselors will contact your creditors on your behalf and inform them that you have entered into a debt management program. At this point, we can also request reduced interest rates and monthly obligations if due.

We will keep you informed of any creditor responses and keep you updated at each step.

Yes of course! we would love to help you in person and if you are in the area please feel free to stop in for a chat. We are here from 9 am until 9 pm on weekdays.

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